Fire Mobilization Training Handout

August training was for Training Officers with four sessions held. Same material was given but emphasis was at Firefighter and Company Officer level. Two items we need to look at are the D14 accountability system and D14 Control roles. While doing the class there were quite a bit of questions on the passport type system. Some members noted they didn’t use it and others noted not all their members had tags. Positions and accountability systems were reviewed and TO’s/CO’s were asked to review the plan. It’s been close to a decade since we went to this and a quick training class will be made for the District website. There was some confusion with the role of D14 control during fires. Some had the expectation that at WF and/or 2nd alarm, D14 would take over all dispatch duties for the fire for the town. The thought was D14 would switch over to that town’s channel and assume dispatch for the incident. This was dispelled by reviewing the run cards and explaining how D14 operates. D14 will call resources into the town and coordinate needs with the effected town. It was asked that the TO’s and CO’s confirm this in their communities. The classes were very successful and exceeded expectations. Chief Parenti has placed the PDF of the presentation on the D14 website for all to use